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To Promote the typically-Italian culinary tradition of successful companies, both in Italy and throughout the world.
To Hihlight the excellence of products which are the hallmark of Italian cuisine.
To Develop awareness of the importance of the Mediterranean diet in a healthy and balanced eating pattern.

These are the main aims of GRADITA, a network of companies incorporating the well-known brands: Callipo Conserve Alimentari S.p.A, Pietro Coricelli S.p.A with Cirio’s olive oil, Divella S.p.A, Callipo Gelateria Srl, Fratelli Polli S.p.A., Galvanina and Caffè Vergnano.

Gradita will take part in the most relevant national and international events to share unique made in Italy food products, that derive from the tradition, experience, reliability as well as innovation to match the needs and habits of modern consumers.


The Italian way of fooding is the perfect combination of conviviality, Mediterranean diet values and high quality raw materials, an Italian lifestyle that conquered the tables all around the world.
Following the 10 fundamental values to enjoy the table in the Italian way:

    1. MADE IN ITALY, because the quality of Italian products is an internationally recognized “value”
  • 2. QUALITY, because the Made in Italy excellence products are based on quality systems that guarantee a total food safety
  • 3. TRADITION, to understand and pass on the history, the territories, the values behind every good Italian product
  • 4. INNOVATION, that characterizes the “way of doing things” of Italian companies
  • 5. CONVIVIALITY, because the joy of being together around a table is typical of the Italian style
  • 6. DEGUSTATION, because a meal is not just about food consumption but it is about savoring flavors and fragrances
  • 7. STYLE AND ELEGANCE, musts of the typical Italian table
  • 8. CREATIVITY, because knowing how to cook in an Italian way is not just about amaze with flavors but also with sight
  • 9. WELL-BEING, because the Mediterranean diet is healthy for both, people and the environment
  • 10. UNIQUE HERITAGE, to be protected and spread around the world


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Italian quality since 1913

Giacinto Callipo Conserve Alimentari is an Italian company which is one on the main players of the tuna and canned fish market with over 100 years of experience.

The company was bornin 1913, in Pizzo, where it was founded by Giacinto Callipo. It was the first enterprise in Calabria, and amongst the first in Italy, to can the precious Tuna of the Mediterranean.

Callipo Conserve is today managed by Filippo Callipo, CEO, with son Giacinto who represents the fifth generation of the Callipo family.

To this day, Callipo remains one of the few manufacturing companies that carries out all stages of the production process exclusively in Italy , in its own plant in Maierato (VV).

The steam cooking which maintains unchanged the nutritional quality of the product, the accurate cleaning and selection of the tuna chunks, the canning and filling of the glass jars by hand, and the long maturation give the product a unique taste and flavour.

Callipo has grown in sale and established itself on the national and international market in the main distribution channels.

Callipo Conserve

logo Cirio

Cirio olive oil
All the love you bring to the table

Pietro Coricelli extra virgin olive oil debuted on Italian tables in 1939.

A passion for genuine tastes, handed down from generation to generation, that has always seen family members involved, side by side, in the management of the company.

Today, Pietro Coricelli is one of the main oil producers in Europe, and it exports to more than 110 Countries in the world, thanks to an unbroken family tradition, made of genuine flavors, as well as the utmost attention to quality, as certified by the strict controls carried throughout the process).

Starting from 2009 Pietro Coricelli puts his deep knowledge of extra virgin olive oil at the disposal of Cirio brand, one of the greatest and most prestigious food brands in Italy, as well as one of the first “ambassadors of MADE IN ITALY” in the World, investing resources, commitment and enthusiasm.

The result is a range of olive oils designed for everyday life, dedicated to accompany people in their daily experiences from the heart of their homes - the kitchen.

A genuine olive oil that rediscovers the values of tradition and pleasure of doing & share with a passion for good food.

olio Cirio

logo Divella

Mediterranean passion in the world

The best things in life are always the simplest. It is this the secret behind every successful company.

Since 1890 Divella has been producing durum wheat semolina pasta. This story goes back to Francesco Divella who built the first mill for grinding wheat in Rutigliano, a small agricultural town not far from Bari.

Day after day, the hard work of the founder and his helpers brought its fruits, transforming this small mill into a solid company, now run by the fourth generation, which enthusiastically faces the challenges of both the domestic and foreign markets with its head held high.

The company’s mission can be summed up in just a few words: quality control, careful selection of the raw material and state-of-the-art technology; great attention to the consumer’s health and safety; respect of the environment and social responsibility.

To make every meal a really special experience one has to use genuine and healthy foods which help towards a balanced diet. It is this commitment which best sums up Divella’s daily effort to satisfy all those who love authentic flavours.


logo Callipo Gelateria

A tradition of excellence and quality

Established in 2008, Gelateria Callipo has as its ambitious main goal to make known throughout Italy and worldwide the genuine handcrafted ice-cream production of Pizzo Calabro (VV), a well-known town of the Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria.

A dream followed by Pippo Callipo since he was a boy, when in the Piazza children ate cones, tartufi and stuffed hazelnut gelato, the specialties typical of this precious corner of Calabria.

The old recipes of this craftsmanship have been revived and combined with modern techniques in order to obtain an industrial product with all the characteristics of our local artisanal tradition.

The mission of the company is Quality first of all, which is achieved with passion and dedication, by using the best selected raw materials from their land of origin.

With its 4 production lines, Callipo Gelateria produces annually up to 1,500 tons of ice-cream and is able to match the market requirements for both Retail and Foodservice channels. Callipo Gelateria has 12 lines of products and more than 80 references which are free from GMO ingredients and gluten free certified. They are available on both national and international markets.

Gelati Callipo

logo Polli

A story of tastes, a long trip through
innovation and traditions

A love for the fruits of the land, tradition and innovation come together in the history of Polli, founded in 1872 by Fausto Polli and now led by the fifth and sixth generation of the same family.

Starting from a small shop opened on via Broletto, in the very centre of Milan, F.lli Polli soon became a top name on the vegetable preserve sector, winning a leading role on the domestic and international markets.

The company’s history is first and foremost that of a family, which has been pursuing the same values with exactly the same passion for more than a hundred and forty years. These values are tradition, innovation and love for the land.

Polli products are a journey into the flavours of the best Italian cuisine, where tradition and creativity merge in perfect harmony. Polli Group success, now present in more than 40 countries worldwide, comes from its dedication and its passion for what it does, a true guarantee of high quality standards.

Control of the entire production chain, meticulous selection of raw materials, innovative packaging systems and a wide range of products typical of the Italian culinary tradition, are undisputed proof of the love Polli has always had for what it does, the key to its current state as a crowning jewel of Italian industry.

Polli Group today has a turnover of € 75 mio and every year processes 22.000 tons of vegetables to produce the 70 millions jars and 7 millions trays that come out from its three industrial plants.


logo Galvanina


Discovered by the ancient Romans, it flows pure from an ancient spring in the heart of Italy.

Its purity and perfect mineral composition make it an ideal water to be used in babyhood, in low sodium diets and during sports activities.

An ageless water, perfect for every moment of the day.

A unique all-Italian style that enhances that great quality and tradition that for over a century make Galvanina probably the best water in the world! To all this we add a line of high quality Organic Soft Drinks and Teas, produced in Italy following ancient recipes and artisanal methods that Galvanina has jealously managed to keep since 1910.

logo Galvanina


Caffè Vergnano is the oldest Italian roasting company. Directed by the Vergnano family since 1882, for 135 years it has been celebrating the culture and tradition of authentic Italian espresso all over the world.

Caffè Vergnano exports to over 90 countries around the world, employs around 140 people. The success can be attributed to the constant search for qualitative perfection, which true coffee connoisseurs have appreciated and recognised at Caffè Vergnano for over a century. A mission that is pursued with passion, enthusiasm and spirit of initiative by the fourth generation of the family.

The secret of the superior quality of Caffè Vergnano blends lies in the meticulous selection of the best coffee producers in the world. To this end, the finest coffee beans are selected and purchased directly at the place of origin. The choice of high quality blends is combined with a consolidated experience in the processing of coffee, which is still done in the traditional way through a slow roasting process. The cycles are carried out with different cooking times and temperatures depending on the origin, allowing to reach the exact degree of roasting.

The Caffè Vergnano blends can be found in the large-scale retail trade, in the best bars and in the more than 120 Caffè Vergnano 1882, the chain of Italian-style coffee shops present all over the world.



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logo Callipo

G. Callipo Cons. Alimentari S.P.A.
Riviera Prangi 156
89812 Pizzo (VV)
Tel. +39 0963 99621

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Pietro Coricelli S.P.A.
Loc. Madonna di Lugo 44
06049 Spoleto (PG)
Tel. 800 508122
Fax +39 0743 232880

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Divella S.P.A.
Largo Divella 1
70018 Rutigliano (BA)
Tel. +39 080 4779111

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Gelateria Callipo S.R.L.
Riviera Prangi 156
89812 Pizzo (VV)
Tel. +39 0963 9962400

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Fratelli Polli S.P.A.
Via Cesare Battisti 1059
51015 Monsummano Terme (PT)
Tel. +39 0572 95621
Fax +39 0572 952525
polli@polli.it - www.polli.it

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La Galvanina S.P.A.
via Della Torretta 2
47923 Rimini (RN)
Tel. +39 0451 751315/6

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Casa del Caffè Vergnano S.p.A.
S.S. Torino-Asti, km 20
10026 Santena (TO) Italia
Tel. +39 011 9455111